Our comprehensive security solutions combine cutting-edge technology with advanced monitoring capabilities to safeguard your property and ensure peace of mind. 

Access Control & Intrusion Detection
IP Video Surveillance
X-Ray and Metal Detection Screening
Road Blockers, Barriers & Sliding Gates
IP Audio/Video Intercom
Under and inside vehicle screening
SpeedGates, Turnstiles & Revolving Doors
Wireless Locking Devices
Facility-Wide Face Recognition
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
People Counting and Anti-Tailgate detection

Key Differentiators :

• Tailor-Made Solution : We pride ourselves in an approach that is based on understanding the security challenges and tailoring the solution to target the specific application and budget.

• Seamless Integration : Our products are guaranteed to be integrtaed among each other or interfaced to 3rd party systems.

• Reputable Vendors : The products we use are highly recognised for their quality. Our dedication to their products over years brings immense experience in supporting our install-base.