Our comprehensive system is designed to optimize parking space utilization, enhance user experience, and improve overall efficiency. 

Ticket and Ticketless Parking Access
Subscriber Access Management
Embedded Parking Guidance
Rent my Space
Venue Validation
EV Charging interface
Admin & Commercial Reports & Statistics
Mobile Application
Integration with Facility Applications

Key Features :

• Space Optimization : Utilize advanced algorithms and real-time data analysis to optimize the allocation of parking spaces, reducing congestion and maximizing capacity.

• Multi-Technology Support : Our Parking System supports a variety of technologies including RFID, BLE, license plate recognition (LPR), and Facial recognition technology, allowing for flexible and adaptable solutions to meet diverse parking management needs.

• Payment Integration : Offer convenient payment options such as mobile payments, contactless payments, and pre-booking services to streamline the parking process for customers.

• Wayfinding Solutions : Implement intuitive signage and wayfinding systems to help drivers easily locate available parking spaces, reducing frustration and wait times.

• Analytics and Reporting : Gain valuable insights into parking patterns, occupancy rates, and revenue generation with our advanced analytics and reporting tools, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your parking operations.