Enhance operational efficiency and accuracy with our comprehensive Asset, Inventory, and Staff Management solution powered by RFID tracking technology. 
Our solution is meticulously designed to streamline management processes, improve visibility, and optimize resource utilization

RFID/RF Reader and Tags
Application Specific Inlays
Smart Labels (Barcode + Inlay + RFID Tag)
Scanners; Handheld & Fixed
RFID/RF EAS Antennas and Readers
Printers; Tabletop & Mobile
Premise or Cloud-Based Software
Best Bulk Tag/Label read accuracy
Extroardinary Read Range capability
Integration with facility systems
Source Tagging Services
Connected Solutions; EAS Alarms + Store Occupancy

Different Applications :

• Transport & Logistics : Maintaining on-time and on-track freight management operations is essential for improving the accuracy and efficiency of asset utilization. Ensures every vehicle is taking the right shipment to the right place at the right time; • Logistics and supply chain visibility • Package scanning and tracking • Deliver accuracy • Shortage and loss management • Labor cost reductions .

• Government : With tighter budgets, stricter industry mandates, and a need for utmost responsiveness and security, government entities require reliable, compliant, and effective technology solutions that will increase operational efficiencies ; • Discrepancy reporting • Loss, damage and destruction reporting • File and document linkage • Equipment tracking • IT Asset tracking • Library systems • Military shipping

• Industrial : Increased efficiency for industry and logistics which enables a broad range of wide applications,such as industrial automation, laundry, manufacturing, in-bound and out-bound logistics, oil, gas, chemical industries and many more; • Logistics and supply chain visibility • Item level inventory tracking • Materials management • Access control • IT Asset tracking • Library systems • Laundry and uniform management • Marketing

• Healthcare : Healthcare, as an industry, is becoming more and more invested in RFID technology; so much so, that recent market research has revealed there will be exponential growth of RFID technology in that industry. • Patient safety, tracking and care • Hand hygiene • Medicine & Pharmaceutical tracking and authentication • Staff tracking • Tool & equipment Location • Security

• Financial Services : Financial institutions and services are implementing RFID technology systems to help them track a variety of different assets including severs, laptops, hard drives, furniture, files, and to ensure that they are operating in compliance with financial regulations; • IT Equipment tracking • Office equipment management • Files, folders and file boxes • File and document linkage • Security

• Retail : RFID has experienced unprecedented growth in user adoption, capability development and overall business impact within the retail industry. RFID has significantly improved inventory accuracy and driven increased profits both in physical and digital stores; • Inventory management • Data enhancing • Smart shelving • Check out time reduction • Security • Customer privacy • Labor management