About IEE

For more than 25 years, iEE has been developing and manufacturing cutting-edge sensing solutions. Developing game-changing new sensor solutions and technologies is a key part of their solution portfolio. iEE delivers global customers innovative solutions ranging from sensors printed on foil or textile, to optical, electromagnetic, and microwave-based sensors – all as a direct result of their investment in R&D.

Product Range

Apart from being a leading supplier of innovative solutions to the Automotive Industry, some of their following unique sensors for Security Industry are very valuable for protecting and controlling unauthorized access to critical sites

  • Tailgate Detector, TDflex™ , is an anti-tailgating solution that ensures only authorized people enter a secure area by adding an additional security layer to your existing access control systems
  • People Counter - With our People Counter, you can determine the number of people within a specific area and detect their direction of movement
  • Volumetric Object Surveillor – VOS is an innovative technological solution offering reliable protection for all types of valuable objects – from paintings and documents to three-dimensional objects like statues and sculptures - at all times

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